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The Journey Begins

Welcome to the Sisterhood of Avalon blog, One Vial of Red Spring Water! Inspired by the fabulous One Red Paperclip and One White Swan Feather blogs, the Sisterhood of Avalon will be embarking on a quest to achieve our long-term goal of manifesting sacred land in the United States for our spiritual community. This land will provide a permanent space for women to remember the traditions of Avalon, to reclaim the legacy of the Goddess and to renew the energies of Mother Earth. The SOA has always embraced the loving and supportive energy of empowering our members and other women by means of barter, gift economy, scholarships and grants. We are honored and pleased to participate in a process that weaves together like-minded spirits and loving energies in the pursuit of our quest for sacred land.

Our first offering in this journey is one vial of water from the Red Spring in Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, England. The landscape of Glastonbury is rich with Pagan and Christian history and mythos alike, and is believed by many to be the site of the Isle of Avalon, once a spiritual and healing community of priestesses serving the Goddess and Her people. For the Sisterhood of Avalon, the enduring waters of the Red Spring symbolize our connection with the Isle of Avalon, the blood of life so vital and sacred to all women, and the healing to be found in nurturing a connection to the Goddess. As such, we feel these Holy Waters are a fitting foundation upon which to build a community united in spirit with the essence of Ancient Avalon.

 We look forward to your offers of trade and to keeping everyone posted each step of the way in this exciting journey!

Many Blessings,
The Sisterhood of Avalon.

For more information on The Sisterhood of Avalon, please visit our website.

For questions about this blog, please contact Robin.
Red Spring

Moonstone Necklace

Blessings everyone! I hope you are staying warm during this last cold blast of winter.
We are now ready for the next offer on our barter blog.
Up for trade we have a beautiful Opalite necklace. The necklace is 17 inches long.
If you would like to offer something for this lovely necklace please contact Robin with your offer.
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As always, thank you very much to everyone who has supported our Sacred Land Fund so far. 
Your contributions are greatly appreciated.  Goddess Bless!

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SOA Datebook is now available!

Blessings all! I hope the New Year is off to a wonderful start for you.

We are still accepting offers on our Majolica vase featured in the last blog entry.  All offers are welcome :-)  Please contact me if you are interested in offering an item for this lovely vase.

I have some other exciting news, too.  The new SOA datebook for 2007 is now available at
Throne of the Goddess: A Year with the Goddess in the Landscape features original writing, photography, and prompts for journaling and exploration alongside a 12-month planner. Information on lunar and solar movements, Avalonian holy days and prominent seasonal energies is also included inside.  It's a beautiful book and perfect for those who are interested in the Avalonian cycle of the year.

May 2007 be one of love, light and happiness for all!
In sisterhood, Robin
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Red Spring

(no subject)

Hello all, we are now ready to proceed with our next offering, a wonderful antique Majolica vase from Molaroni, Italy, circa 1875 . The vase measures about 16 inches tall and has a fiance pattern common to Italy.  Thank you Laura K. for participating in our Red Spring Vial Project!  If you would like to make an offer for this wonderful vase, please contact Robin.
If you are unfamiliar with how barter blogs work, please check out the amazing One Red Paperclip blog...a wonderful journey!  And if you are new to our blog, please check out our earlier posts for our mission statement.

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Thank you to all for your interest in our sacred land project and please remember that you are more than welcome to participate more than once. Blessings, Robin
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(no subject)

Blessings all! Sorry it has been so quiet around here! Sometimes mundane life gets in the way of the spiritual..sad but true :-\
We have had a wonderful offer of a lovely Italian vase for our wand. Many thanks to everyone who offered for the wand, and who continue to support our Red Spring Vial project. Your energy is just amazing and all of us in the SOA feel really blessed to be connecting with so many new faces and old friends.

I will be posting pictures of the vase as soon as it arrives and will make the announcement then that the vase is up for trade.

Well, with the arrival of November, chill air and frost descended upon my environs. How are things in your corner of the world? I can feel myself drawing inward and preparing for my shadow work as we head into the dark time of the year. I find it really necessary to stay grounded during this time. How do you stay grounded? Love and Blessings as the wheel turns, Robin
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Second barter item

Blessings all! I hope you are enjoying the lovely days of autumn :-)  

We are now ready to place our second item up for barter, this lovely wand hand-crafted by Nancy K.  The wand is made from polymer clay crafted in a beautiful braided desing, and embellished with lovely crystals and stones.  The wand is approx. 10" long from crystal tip to crystal tip.

Please look below the cut for more images
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You may contact me, Robin, with your offers for this gorgeous wand.

Thank you again to everyone who has shown support for our endeavor.  :-)  And please remember that you are more than welcome to offer more than once in the Red Spring Vial project.  

So what are your favorite stones?  One of my favorites is amethyst.  Not only do I love deep purple, but it helps me feel very centered and grounded.
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Red Spring

Second Item for Barter

Blessings to all! I hope you are enjoying a lovely autumn day.  Well, almost autumn ;-)  First, I want to thank each and every one of you so very much for your generous offers for our Red Spring water vial.  We were overwhelmed by your generosity and kindness.  Of course, we can only accept one offer, but please don't let that stop you from offering your item again in the future!  We are happy for you to offer to barter as many times as you like.  Each offer puts positive energy into the Universe and we thank you for your spirit of openness and giving.

We have accepted the offer for this beautiful hand-crafted wand:

Thank you, Nancy!

I will make an announcement when we receive the wand and it is ready to put up for barter.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Many Blessings, Robin
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(no subject)

Blessings all!
I hope you are enjoying a good start to a new week!  Wow...I'm overwhelmed by the flood of offers we have had for the Red Spring vial. It's fabulous to see such a passionate response to our project, and all of us in the SOA are so thankful for your loving thoughts and desire to participate.  We are still sorting though emails but will let you know very shortly the outcome of the first barter.

The Red Spring is such an emotion-filled and spirit-filled place.  During my first trip to Chalice Well Gardens this summer, I was overcome with emotion and feeling when I reached the well head.  I see it as a space that draws our joys and sorrows to the surface allowing us to express thanks and release sadness.  Does anyone have any favorite experiences they would like to share of Glastonbury or Chalice Well gardens? Feel free to share :-)

In Her service, Robin
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Red Spring Vial is ready for barter!

Greetings everyone! On behalf of the Sisterhood of Avalon, welcome to our barter blog. Our first offering is ready for trading: one vial of water from the Red Spring in Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, England. To make an offer for this lovely item, please contact Robin.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of barter blogs, please check out the amazing One Red Paper Clip and read Kyle MacDonald's inspiring story.

In the mean time, would you like to see photos from the Chalice Well Gardens from the recent SOA pilgrimage to Glastonbury?  Feel free to peruse my images here.  I hope you enjoy them :-)

In Her Service, Robin
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